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Notrees Mattress Moving

Moving a Mattress is never easy. Usually, the last thing to think about is mattress moving, then the heavy mattress must be dismantled, put gently into a moving truck, and then safely placed inside the new house. But moving a mattress to your new house does not have to be arduous and stressful. With a little preparation, you can make moving your mattress a relatively simple task.

When choosing movers, it is important to choose a company that has years of experience moving mattresses. A moving company may be able to offer tips on how to move a mattress the right way so that it is safe and sound during transport. If the moving company will not give you specific details, look elsewhere. Any company worth its salt will offer suggestions on how to move a mattress. If you find no such recommendations, or if you are unsure of the quality of service given to you by your prospective movers, you should look elsewhere.

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When relocating, a mattress must go in with other appliances and personal belongings so that they are protected during the move. Make sure that your appliances, such as stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc., are secure when packed with the mattresses. Secure the non-carpeted flooring of the new mattress storage area as well. You want to protect your mattress from getting scratched as well as damaged during transportation.

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The most difficult part of mattress moving is getting all of the bedding items together for transportation. Many people who choose to transport their beds by utilizing a moving van or moving truck hire professionals to pack their things for them. While this can be a more convenient option, it is quite expensive.

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Fortunately there are some ways to alleviate some of the stress of transporting the mattress. Before you even leave your house to make sure that you have the following items at hand: flat head screw drivers, ratchet straps, mattress flaps, mattress pads, plastic sheets, protective tape, a box or two of non-skid carpet protectors, floor mats (plastic or rubber), a large garbage bag, and towels. You also need a rope or a dolly to help you maneuver the mattress around. Make sure that all of these moving supplies are at your disposal because you never know what will happen during the move.

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A good way to minimize damage to your mattress while transporting it yourself is to purchase a plastic moving pod. These moving pods are made from heavy duty plastic and allow you to move a mattress without using straps or ties. They are also helpful because they prevent the mattress from moving while being transported. They come in different sizes and features. Some pods have wheels while others can only be operated by lifting. Look for the kind that allows you to lift it on two sides.

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If you plan on hiring someone to move your mattress or to do it for you, then consider having them bring the mattress in the back of their truck along with other belongings. Having this extra bedding in the back will reduce your chances of having to pay more than you wanted to for moving services. One advantage of having the mattress packed and in the back of the pickup truck is that the movers can help you unload the truck, unpack the mattress, and re-arrange any items inside. It is always safer to have the mattress stored in an upright position than in the middle of the truck.

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The next time you need to move a mattress you should also invest in moving pods or moving blankets. They make the job a lot easier. When you have smaller loads, you can also use them to make the move much easier on yourself. Just remember that it is much easier to hurt yourself than it is to hurt the mattress. There are some new models on the market that can be pushed under the bed just like a large mattress bag. That is one option to consider if you are worried about your items not being protected.