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If you are planning to move across town, state, or country, piano moving is an important part of the process. As a pianist, time and money invested in practicing and arranging for lessons often take precedence over all of the details that go into relocating a piano. While this is perfectly TX, many piano owners find that they need to schedule their move several months or more in advance. This is when local piano movers can make the job easy by offering professional piano moving services at affordable prices.

Local Piano Mover Cost. Local piano moving prices range from approximately $100 to 300 per hour depending on the preferred moving method. The average local moving cost for an upright piano is approximately $355 to approximately $ 550. For an antique piano, the local moving average is approximately $170 to approximately $ 225.

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Long Distance Piano Moves. Long distance piano movers offer their expert services at various long distance locations and may even be prepared to transport your instrument between different locations. The cost varies by distance, but is usually well worth the extra expense. Costs vary by location, but a local mover will typically charge around twice as much as a larger company for a same length of move. For larger antique and upright pianos, long distance charges can be prohibitive.

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4-wheeled Dolly. When transporting a piano onto a flatbed semi, board chair, or dolly, it is important to select the proper equipment to help ensure its safety. The most important piece of moving equipment for this type of move is a four-wheel dolly. A four-wheel dolly can be fitted with safety belts and wheels to increase its stability, while also ensuring the safe movement of the piano onto the board.

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Pedaling Rules. Regardless of whether the move is residential or industrial, it’s important to follow all applicable regulations and laws. Some jurisdictions have limits for the weight and volume of materials that can be transported, so contact your insurance provider to check regulations in your area. Most commercial and residential piano movers are required to adhere to the following rules:

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One rule that is not often discussed, but is a must for any moving event is the height limit for the instrument. Most upright pianos and grand pianos can only be moved up to a certain height. This rule should be followed at all times, even when transporting the instrument on a flat surface. The maximum height allowed will vary according to the particular moving guidelines provided by the piano mover. It’s best to check your local laws before attempting to lift an object that exceeds the maximum height limitations.

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One of the most important factors to consider whenever relocating any type of machinery is safety. It is always recommended that you seek the expertise of a professional, experienced piano mover. When moving an instrument over short distances, either by a trailer or on your own, it is important to ensure the safety of all crew members involved in the move. Reputable companies will usually require the piano or its components to be completely removed from the vehicle prior to the start of the move, ensuring that none of the tools fall into the wrong hands.

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Transporting a piano through any distance by standard ground transportation is relatively simple. However, there are a few chNotreesges that you should consider when moving a piano via peer-to-peer shipping. Perhaps the biggest risk of all is that the piano components could fall off the truck onto the road during transport. To minimize this risk, it is highly recommended that you choose a reputable and experienced moving company that provides the tools to safely transport your piano, as well as offering secure transportation at all times. If you are planning to relocate a piano over short or long distance, then it is always best to take the time to consider the security measures available to prevent any accident that could result in injury or even death.