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Furniture Moving is a tedious task for any homeowner. Even for the simplest moves, movers are needed, whether it’s from one home to another, or from one apartment to another. To help reduce the stress of the moving process, here are several Furniture Moving Tips to ponder over. Furniture moving is not an easy task but with the right planning and preparations you can move your belongings in a breeze.

Furniture moving companies employ licensed and insured professional movers that always employ skilled staff at all stages of the moving process from disassembling large furniture pieces to transporting and padding them. They will even make sure that your sofa, loveseat, coffee tables, and bedroom dresser make it safely to their new destination without damage. Furniture moving can be a very stressful activity, especially if you have children. In order to ease the stress of children during the move, it is best to use furniture movers that provide moving blankets. While the blankets will only be needed temporarily, it will surely ease down the tension of kids that are accompanying you on the move.

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Renting a Storage Room. This is a very good option if you have no idea where to store your belongings. As far as I’m concern, renting a storage space is much cheaper than actually buying a moving container. You will also be saved from the hassles of choosing between different kinds of containers. Just rent a storage area from the furniture movers and you will immediately have a place for all of your things in the warehouse.

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Renting a Moving Truck. The furniture movers may not provide you with a moving truck, but there are companies that do. Just make sure that you inform the movers of all your requirements and they will make one for you. There is nothing worse than getting your belongings into the moving truck only to realize that there are no suitable places to put them. Just contact a reputable moving truck rental company and you will be fine.

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Using Garage Shelving and Cabinets. Another alternative is to use heavy duty moving boxes and cabinets to help you move furniture. If possible, you need to seal the boxes to help keep the items inside. This will help keep them from going bad and possibly getting damaged while in transit.

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Using Moving Pads. A moving pad is a special type of moving mat that offers several advantages. First of all, it provides extra cushion so that your furniture legs do not hurt when you are lifting them up or down. Moving pads are also waterproof and therefore protect furniture legs from damage due to water.

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Using Furniture Springs. Another alternative is using furniture springs. This is especially useful if you are using a dolly, as the spring helps the dolly to gently move the furniture along the floor, preventing it from being damaged as it moves across. Furniture springs do not provide a lot of help when you are moving a large amount of furniture, but they are a good alternative to using furniture pads.

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Using Furniture Protection. One of the best ways to avoid damage to your furniture when moving is to protect it from the beginning. One of the best ways to do this is to use moving blankets or moving mats. These products will provide cushioning and protection for your furniture as you transfer it from room to room. If you use non-cushion moving blankets and moving mats, you should also use non-moving protective tape or packing tape to prevent scratches and smudges from occurring on the furniture while you move it.