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Are you thinking about moving your piano? If you are you will want to read this article. I’ll discuss two methods of moving pianos, local movers and the U.S. Mail moving services. It’s important to determine the correct method of moving a piano. Then, move it safely and securely.

For upright pianos, there are three main ways to move them. You can move the upright by stacking it on top of another upright piano or on a board. You can also move it by stacking it on a chair or a board but be careful with long-distance moves. Long-distance upright piano moving costs more than local movers.

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Upright grands can usually be moved by stacking two to four on top of each other and then hinged together. Local movers charge more for this kind of moving job but it can be less stressful if done by professionals. There are different styles of grands for upright pianos including slanting grands, vertical grands, and expanded grands. Vertical grands are the largest and heaviest. They also have more tension than an upright grand.

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Most piano moving companies offer free estimates for residential and commercial moves. There are many people who like to do the moving themselves. However, moving without the proper tools and equipment can cost more money and be less time consuming. You want to find a moving company that has the experience and skills to do the job properly and efficiently.

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If you have an upright grand or a grand piano, there are several options when it comes to moving it. The most popular method is to disassemble the entire instrument, put it in a large box, and strap the piano to a dolly or trailer. Many people choose to move their grands by lifting the legs and placing them in a chair. You may want to lift the entire piece instead of lifting the legs individually because the vertical support of the instrument can cause the glands to shift and become unstable. This can create uneven movement which makes it very difficult to place the instrument in the right position.

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Another method many people choose is to remove the finish off of the piano and store it in a closet or another space until the move is completed. Unfinished pianos are less expensive than the ones that have had the finish applied. After the piano is disassembled and stored, it is important to tune the instrument in a room with perfect acoustics before moving. Professional piano movers can provide this service because they have the equipment and expertise needed to bring the piano to a level of tuning that will not be damaged during the move.

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Some pianos are larger than others, and each type has its own special set of guidelines for moving it. A grand piano is a very heavy instrument and will need special dollies that fit underneath and over the top of the grand piano board. If you are unsure how to move a heavy or large instrument, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer or someone who is trained to do so.

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Piano Mover companies often provide insurance coverage for items that are damaged during the move. Speak to your piano mover about how they will handle the insurance. Many companies will offer a certain percentage of the purchase price of the piano if the instrument is damaged during transport, or if there is damage to the freight forwarder or the destination port where the piano will be arriving. Speak to your piano mover about what type of documentation they require for documentation purposes. They should be able to provide you with all of the documentation you need in order to show you how everything will be paid for.