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Pleasant Farms Pool Table Moving

Moving day can be a stressful event if you have to move your pool table. Pool tables are some of the biggest, heaviest things in even the largest of homes! Just think about how heavy they are, then look around you – do you see anything larger? On average, a pool table weight a staggering 1,100 pounds.

Moving the pool table is actually a fairly easy and difficult task. It can be a difficult task for those who are not trained professionals. However, with the right resources, and a little preparation, moving pool tables is a simple and quick task that almost anyone can do. In addition, most pool tables can be disassembled and put back together again without major damage. Knowing how to move a pool table is the first step in tackling this task.

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Before attempting to move the table, it is important to know the best way to go about it. There are many different ways to handle a pool table, from disassembling the piece all the way up to hiring a professional pool table moving company. The best way to start the move is to disassemble the table. To do this, you must first unscrew the legs and lower support brackets on each end.

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Next, set the table down on an area that will not cause you any damage during the move. Using a level surface is most important. Then, take off the weighted balls that are secured to the corners. Now you will need to remove the special ring at the base of the pool table. Once this is done, set it aside.

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While you are in the process of disassembling the pool tables, make sure you secure all of the parts so that you will not have any problems while carrying out the move. You can take off the life-time warranty on the base of the table, but if you plan on using the table for a long time, then you should probably invest in a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, if you decide to hire professional pool table moving company, they will most likely give you a lifetime warranty as well. However, before hiring the service company, you must make sure that they provide a lifetime warranty for all their products.

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The last of the moving tips is to hire movers who provide complete disassembly and reassembly services. They should also be provided with all the necessary equipment for easy disassembly and reassembly. Hiring professional movers is highly recommended if you plan on carrying out this move several times.

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Now that everything is prepared, you can start doing the disassembling and reassembling. You should divide the moving day into two parts – one for disassembling and the other for assembling. When you hire movers, you should tell them about the plan so that they will know how to disassemble and assemble the pool table properly. There are several pool table moving companies that offer expert moving service at reasonable prices.

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Now that everything is ready, all you need to do is to use your power drill and your socket wrench to loosen the bolt on the base of the table. It may be hard to remove the cover plate because of the rust, so you need to use your power drill bit at first so that you can lubricate the socket wrench. The next step is to remove the bottom bolt by loosening it. Then you can lift the entire table by tightening the bolts.