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Hot tub moving is not an easy task. Moving a hot tub can be dangerous and even fatal if care is not taken. Hot tubs are heavy, especially if filled with water and they are not sturdy enough to withstand the full weight of the spa and its occupants. The hot tub is also constructed with different levels of jets to offer the user different levels of relaxation. To move a hot tub safely and securely, it should be broken down into several different pieces first. This will require professional equipment to lift the hot tub and remove it from its foundation, typically a patio or deck area.

When planning how to move a hot tub, it is vital that no bones or nails are left in place and that the moving company has safety precautions taken. An average hot tub without moving water usually weighs about 900 pounds. It also goes without saying that for larger items, like furniture, you should plan on some very heavy lifting. It can be quite possible to move all of the household furniture on your own, with the family staying behind to help, up to perhaps ten people, and the danger to life and health is usually worth it.

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Make sure that the moving company has professionals with experience in moving heavy items. In most instances, the removal of a hot tub is quite simple and with proper preparation, safety and carefully chosen equipment, a move can occur much easier than you might imagine. The first step to how to move a hot tub is finding a good moving company with experience. Moving with a moving company that has experience can make the whole process go much smoother, eliminating any pain or discomfort and ensuring that all of your property is transported safely. Once you find a reputable moving company, ask them to give you a quote before they start work.

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Once the quote is received, you will need to choose a mode of transportation that allows you to keep intact as much of your property as possible. If you have an expensive item or a prized possession, it is a good idea to have it removed entirely, so that it is safe to transport and pack with a spa dolly. Spa dollies are specialized vehicles that are designed specifically to transport and store fragile items from one floor to another. A dolly is typically equipped with a locking gate and ramps, which make it a perfect solution for moving anything from a hot tub to a motorcycle. It is important to ask the moving company to provide information on spa dolly options, so that you can choose one that is most appropriate for your needs.

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The next step to moving your hot tub is preparing the inside of the moving truck. Most movers prepare the inside of their trucks in advance, packing boxes and bubble wrap in order to prevent damage during transport. This same packing material is used for the inside of any other valuable or fragile items that need to be transported in a moving truck. Bubble wrap can protect fragile belongings from being punctured, while also providing a cushioning effect against impact. If you are using a moving company, it may be advised that all fragile items are sealed in bubble wrap during transport.

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After bubble wrap has been applied, the moving company will then pack the entire contents of your truck. This includes your hot tubs and any other fragile items that need to be transported in the moving truck. These items may include dishes or other tableware, dishes and tablecloths, silverware, etc. To ensure safety, any electrical appliances that are in your spa or hot tub are securely locked up, and any cabinets that might need to be accessed during transport are draped in heavy plastic. Moving hot tub movers are specially trained to handle the largest and most potentially dangerous equipment, so it is important to only allow trusted professionals to transport your items.

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Once all fragile items have been transported and secured, your moving company will then load your spa dolly. The spa dolly is a special dolly designed specifically to move with hot tubs, so all that is required is that a small ramp be provided for the dolly to slowly move up and down on the floor. Hot tub covers are specially trained to lift the spa dolly with no damage to the hot tub itself, so as long as your spa and hot tub are intact, your dolly will be safe. If any damage occurs to the dolly during the move, a professional moving company will either repair or replace the dolly.

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When the movers arrive at your new location, they will provide you with a list of the items that need to be moved, along with a time frame for completion. If any of your fragile items require special handling, your moving service will take care of them during their arrival time. Then, once all items have been loaded into the truck, your moving service will transport everything to your new apartment. As soon as the truck is filled, it will be directed toward the curb where the curb is lower, which means that the truck can safely pull away from your home. Because all of the heavy lifting and maneuvering has been done for you, all you need to do is enjoy the many months of pleasure the spa is able to provide.