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It isn’t easy to move a piano. It takes practice, planning and the knowledge of how to move a piano across town or across country. It isn’t as easy as it seems though. In fact, piano moving should be done only by experienced professionals who have moved pianos in the past. Here are some simple tips on how to move a piano across town or across country.

Local Piano Moving. Long distance piano moving is best handled by local piano moving companies. Local moving companies cost between fifty and two hundred dollars. Large (over 15 feet) moving pianos cost from two hundred to five hundred dollars. Local moving companies charge less than big moving companies because they pay a higher price for space and insurance.

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Hiring a Pianist. Long distance moving isn’t just the riskiest thing you can do when moving your stuff – it’s also the most expensive. Professional piano movers can quote you up to one thousand dollars for moving pianos. The price includes the cost of the piano, its shipping and labor, and any additional damage to the instrument that is not covered by the moving company’s insurance. If you plan on moving your piano by yourself, hiring a skilled piano mover is definitely worth the extra bucks.

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Transporting the Pianos. Long distance piano moving requires more than a truck and a driver. Your pianos require special packing, transportation and insurance. Shipping your piano via a common carrier like FedEx or UPS is a good idea because it minimizes the risk of damages and long delays. If you are considering using common carriers, ask them about the rates for oversized or antique pianos, as these tend to cost more.

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Insurance. Depending on what kind of piano you have, you will need to get special moving insurance. Some moving companies offer this service at a flat rate, while other charge extra. Some insurances cover your moving instruments for only a few days, others offer long-term coverage, or a combination of both long-term and short-term options. For larger or rarer instruments, it’s usually best to contact the insurance company directly and discuss in detail the details of your particular situation.

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Upright pianos. Upright piano have extra safety features, like the weight equalized frame and the adjustable horizontal bars. When moving an upright piano, it is important to secure all moving parts securely and safely, so that nothing goes wrong. Ask the moving company you choose whether their Upright piano moving vehicle comes with special attachments for securing the instrument properly.

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Stair lifts. It is often more convenient to use stair lifts to move an upright piano using consolidated freight. Many stairlifts can be folded up similar to an accordion, making them very convenient and safe to use. Many stairlifts operate using onboard engines, and some are battery-operated.

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Move your piano indoors. If at all possible, move the piano inside your home, if it can be fit in the doorway. This will reduce the risk of breaking something fragile during movement and will save you money on moving costs. You may also want to consider asking your local movers about their availability to move grand pianos and upright pianos inside your home.