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Furniture moving can be a daunting task. If you haven’t been in the industry before, you may not understand all the intricate details involved. Furniture moving companies have professional movers that are experienced and skilled in every step of the furniture moving process, from disassembling large bulky items to packing and padding them, to the transporting. Here is some Furniture Moving Tips for new homeowners:

Furniture moving is a complex process, much more so than most people realize. The logistics of moving furniture from one location to another is very complex and requires expert movers. Furniture moving companies employ insured and licensed moving specialists who are expertly trained at every step of the moving process, from disassembling large bulky items to packing and padding them. Furniture moving companies also offer non-stop services, including residential moving, commercial moving, and overseas moving. These professionals make moving a stress free experience.

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Finding a local Furniture Moving Company: There are many local movers in your area that will offer moving service. Find out who offers what services you are looking for by checking with your local movers directory or the phone book. Make sure to check references as well, and ask about their moving history and track record. Do not forget to find out about the cost of moving furniture within your price range. Furniture moving prices vary depending on distance, area, and the quality of moving materials employed.

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Using Furniture Pads to Protect Furniture: Many people underestimate the damage that can be created during a move. Furniture, especially delicate antique and modern items are often damaged during the move, which makes them less than suitable for storage during the move. Furniture moving companies use high quality, thick, padded moving pads to protect furniture items during the move.

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Furniture Padding: Furniture padding, also known as sofa cushioning, is an important element of moving and storing heavy items. It is made of foam and is designed to minimize shock absorption when large furniture is moved. Furniture padding consists of two layers – the base pad, which are placed under the furniture, and a special moving layer, which contain a cushioned stuffing. It is very effective at reducing movement and absorbs shock.

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Moving Blankets and Sleeping Bags: These are other important moving accessories. A moving blanket or sleeping bag is designed to be soft, comfortable, and waterproof. This prevents the movement of furniture items, which helps to reduce damage to the surface of the floor. In addition, it keeps furniture items dry and prevents them from scratching floors. The moving blankets and sleeping bags can be reused after the move, saving you money on buying new ones.

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Moving Mattresses: A moving mattress is another important component of moving your house. A moving mattress pad protects furniture from damage during transportation. It is made of quilted polyester or cotton, which can withstand moving and provide comfort during transport. This type of furniture padding is more expensive than plain cotton moving blankets, but it ensures your furniture’s safety and comfort while in the moving truck.

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When you’re getting ready to move, you need help moving furniture. You can take a do-it-yourself approach, but hiring a professional will ensure that all of your furniture gets to its new home safely. A professional mover will make sure your truck rental arrives at the right location, and that your under-mentioned belongings get to their new homes. The job is stressful, but well worth the effort.