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Business relocation is never easy but the expense, complexity, preparation, and oftentimes the planning that it takes requires, will all depend on what kind of business it’s, its size, and even the distance moved to. Larger businesses move more frequently, for larger items or larger amounts of goods, than smaller businesses. A large corporation may move a full-size building to another part of town to open a whole new location. Smaller businesses may move from one smaller location to another to make room for a new location.

Whatever the size of your business, moving to a new office is an important aspect of doing business. There are several important aspects to consider when you move. Identifying those important aspects is necessary before you begin the actual moving process. One of the first things to determine is how many employees will need to be transferred and how many locations you need to relocate all your personnel to. This can help to keep the moving company organized and focused on your needs.

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Deciding if you are moving all of your personnel or just a few people can help to narrow down the moving needs and keep the moving company on track. Will you be moving to a new facility that is adjacent to or across the parking lot of your current facility? Will you need a loading dock to unload your trucks and equipment? These are just some of the questions you must answer to fully assess the nature of your business relocation. If you do not have enough information about your new location, call and talk with a representative who can help you understand the particulars.

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Once you know the basic facts of your business relocation, you must absorb them and then proceed accordingly. You must absorb the cost of relocating all of your personnel, machinery and vehicles. Your company’s moving costs depend on a variety of factors including the distance of the relocation location to your existing facility. Figure this out before you contact any moving company as many businesses provide estimates based on distances. You also must determine how many employees will be affected by the move and what your needs are moving forward. A good relocation company should help you to understand all of your needs and move to a new location without overburdening you with details.

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It is important to determine the best route for the move and to make sure it does not pose any safety risks. Many business moving expenses are related to the manner in which trucks must be moved. The majority of commercial moves are completed using one of two methods: driving the trucks or using dollies or skids. Each method has its pros and cons. Which one is chosen depends largely on your budget and your company’s manpower and transportation needs.

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When you have finalized your decision on which method of relocating will work best for your business, you should begin contacting relocating companies to schedule a time to move your stuff. In the days leading up to the move, all of your company’s furniture, equipment and machinery should be stored properly so that it can be accessed during the move. All inventory records should be destroyed, so there is no record of it in case you need it for any reason. Make sure your company only uses experienced moving companies who know exactly what they are doing. Relocating a business can be a complex move, so it’s very important to hire the right people to complete it.

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Once the moving company arrives to take care of your belongings, you will need to prepare your office for the move. If your business has any inventory that is to be moved, it should be packed and locked before the movers get started with the job. Furniture should be arranged in areas that are out of the way during move-in and new quarters, respectively. All documents should be kept where they will easily be found and accessed during move-out, including invoices, customer contracts and contract information such as leases.

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Once your relocation takes place, follow all of your local relocation rules and regulations, including any mandatory inspections. It’s also important to check with your insurance provider to see if your belongings are covered during the move. It never hurts to double check, especially if you’re moving a large amount of personal property. After your move, you should be prepared to fully enjoy the new offices and spaces. Enjoy your move to a new location.