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Royalty Mattress Moving

Moving a Mattress is quite an involved process. Moving a refrigerator, on the other hand, can be relatively simple because most refrigerators have doors with lids. However, moving a mattress requires special equipment and requires a trained professional. Here’s how to move a mattress. Read on and find out.

Mattresses are of course heavy. So you need to make sure that the moving equipment you use for moving a mattress is powerful enough to handle the weight of a mattress and all the other moving supplies like mattresses, sheets and blankets. A mattress bag is just one that stands true to its title. It’s a big heavy plastic bag all wrapped around your mattress to safely place it inside.

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Another common question regarding moving a mattress is “What kind of tape should I use?” Good news: you don’t have to use any special tape to move a mattress. In fact, some kinds of tape may even be harmful to the material of your mattress as they tend to mark it or rip it very easily. Therefore, you definitely need to pay attention to the type of tape you use and how to properly remove it afterwards.

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There are basically two types of mattress moving services. You can either hire movers or do it yourself. The best way to go about mattress moving yourself is probably the simplest and least expensive way. That’s because there aren’t any extra equipment needed, so the costs for hiring movers are minimal. However, you’ll need a bit more creativity and skill when tackling the packing part of the job.

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Hiring a moving company may be an easier and better option. That’s because movers will already have prepared their equipment and will be able to use them effectively. Plus, hiring movers will only cost you about $50. This is still much cheaper than hiring movers for a full move – but if you haven’t done it before or the job is extremely tricky then hiring professional movers is advisable.

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One of the most important parts of a mattress moving is wrapping it properly. This includes using a mattress protector that’s as simple as a piece of tape with a sticky side. You’ll also need to take extra precaution when moving a mattress on your own, such as putting the mattress on a solid surface rather than just a table. First of all, you’ll need to ensure that all boxes and straps are completely locked. If not, extra protection is needed so that the mattress doesn’t fall to the ground and get crushed.

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A lot of people wonder if mattress movers really do work. The answer is yes, they do. Mattresses can be moved by using the professionals, which include using a crane, rolling dollies and a mattress dolly. The equipment is available for rent, which makes it easier for those who have limited mobility. But since the mattresses are extremely heavy, it would be best to use a crumple board to lift them. The other option would be to use a few of the mattress rolling accessories so that more weight can be placed on the mattress itself.

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Before the movers start their work, make sure you’re packing everything in a box and that none of the fragile items will get broken. If not, don’t put them in there. These include pictures, music and other small items. A good idea is to label the boxes with the name of the contents and to write clearly on the boxes that you want to place inside. After everything is in the boxes, put them in the truck, drive them around town and into the right place where you’re going to move the mattresses. Just make sure that everything goes as per the plan and that you’re able to reach them in the truck without difficulty once you’re in the job.