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Although it is perfectly possible to move a piano yourself, highly recommend using local piano moving companies. For an item as important and delicate as a piano, it is better to leave it in the hands of the experts. Local movers will have the skills and experience needed to move your piano safely and securely. It is quite easy to locate a local moving company which offers piano moving services at reasonable rates, and most can even include piano moving into a complete family move. A local mover will be familiar with local laws and regulations concerning pianos, so he will be able to take all the necessary precautions to protect your instrument. If you have children or any pets, local movers will be able to give you advice about how to pack the piano in advance so that nothing is missed during the move.

It’s possible to hire professional piano movers for the entire move, or to do the specific tasks that must be accomplished for each step. If you only want certain steps completed, make sure you let your local movers know ahead of time what you want done. In some cases, local movers will choose to perform all of the tasks at once; this may be more expensive, but it will also be less stressful for them since they already know the specific procedures and equipment required for each move. If you are only hiring one or two people to help with moving your piano, you can request specific movers to be sent out with your instrument in tow.

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Reputable moving companies will provide insurance coverage for your instrument. Make sure you check out several moving companies before you make your final selection. Different moving companies have different policies regarding insurance. Most piano moving companies require customers to pay a portion of the insurance premium up front before the piano is covered anywhere within the country. Some piano movers do not require customers to pay anything up front, but will include the insurance in the fine print on the delivery bill.

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You may need to learn how to move a piano yourself. If this is the case, it’s best to consult with a friend or family member who has experience in moving pianos. Before attempting to move a piano by yourself, be sure to inspect it carefully. Move the legs, especially on the bottom, carefully and in a controlled fashion. The strings may need to be adjusted if they are not being moved in a forward direction.

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When you decide how to move a piano, you’ll likely be faced with an even bigger decision: Do you use movers who specialize in moving upright pianos or will you tackle the job by yourself? Upright pianos are the heaviest, most difficult to move. Although long-distance piano moving may seem like an extreme way to move a piano, it can be done successfully. Your long-distance move will be no easier than your local move, so you should be prepared. Read on for more information about how to move a piano long-distance.

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Most piano movers specialize in moving upright pianos, which means they’ll be experts at both moving the piano and handling the job once it’s done. For convenience, many piano moving companies offer a packing service. However, you may want to consider hiring piano movers to handle this aspect of the move. Hiring piano movers will save you the time and energy needed to do all the packing on your own.

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If you’re looking at moving day, you’ll be glad to know that professional piano movers offer services such as the pre-moving inspection and the post-moving inspection. It’s important that these inspections are done before and after the move, because there could be any number of Royaltys along the way that weren’t considered before the move. If you have concerns or questions regarding how to move a piano, you can call a professional piano mover to discuss the options you have and find out how they can help you.

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The cost varies depending on the distance the piano has to be moved, but most movers quote average costs around $100. An additional charge may be applied if you need the piano picked up at the new home, or if you have special needs, such as wireless hookup or special doors, windows, or floors. Also be aware that there are some local laws regarding how to move a piano across town. Check with your local movers to see if they are authorized to do these kinds of moves and how much they will charge.