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Slaughter Mattress Moving

Moving a mattress is not easy, but it can be done with some basic preparation. Mattresses are large, they can sometimes be difficult to lift, and they flop about and making them off the stairway is a real pain. But moving a mattress to a new house does not need to be a disaster.

If you are moving your mattress to your new house, you will want to cover the entire bed with a plastic mattress cover, which you can usually find at any moving supplies store. This will help protect the mattress from spills and various things that could possibly destroy it. You will also want to remove the old box spring, but if you still have some pillows or blankets that you don’t plan on throwing away, keep them. You can save them for later. A few small pieces of cardboard and an old blanket will work to protect your mattress from moisture and prying eyes.

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When you move a mattress into a new home, you will need to make sure that it is properly covered. While your old mattress is at least partially protected, you are now at the task of protecting what is left of it. Remove all pillows, blankets, and the old box spring and all the loose parts on the bed. If you have a futon mattress, you can use that as well.

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If possible, when you move a mattress from a rental truck to your home it is better to have drywall around it. This will make it easier to move the mattress into the newly framed walls. Drywall helps protect against mattress movement. Of course, you can always use your own manual dollies and skids.

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Many movers specialize in moving mattresses. In this case, it will be to your advantage to choose a company who is willing to work on your special order. A quality mattress mover will have the experience and knowledge necessary to move a mattress as fast as possible. They will also have specially trained employees with the right tools and equipment for doing the job correctly.

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One of the most important tools in mattress moving is a mattress strap. It is a belt that holds your old mattress upright. Mattress straps come in many different styles and sizes. A few of the most popular include:

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Mattress moving is a big job. A lot of hard work, time, and money go into making mattresses safe and sound during the move. By hiring experienced moving companies, you will have someone who knows how to move a mattress and more importantly – how to protect the new mattress. There are several types of mattresses to move, including plastic, wood, foam, or cotton/cellulose. Movers who specialize in moving an old mattress will be able to take all of these factors into consideration and ensure the safety of your investment.

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Mattress wrapping is one more way to protect your mattress. When you hire mattress movers, they will wrap your mattress in heavy-duty plastic and heavy-duty fabric. Mattress wrap protects your mattress from any type of liquid spill, which could prove damaging. You will find that these wrappers are easy to put on and off, and are generally protected against moisture, wear and tear, as well as damage from flying debris. By hiring experienced mattress moving companies, you will be able to get your old mattress back into your new house without spending a great deal of time, money, and effort.