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When moving a piano, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation if you find the right piano mover for the job. Hiring a professional piano mover can be both simple and stress free with uship. Whether you just need local piano moving services or nationwide piano movers, you definitely should hire a trained professional piano mover to get the job done right. It is always best to have as much information as possible about the piano movers you are considering, so that you can make an informed decision on who you will hire. You will also be able to hire them according to your budget, so that the entire process will be affordable to you. Here are a few things you should know about how to move a piano:

Is the piano moving company insured? A good insurance policy covers all damages and that includes scratches, cracks, dents, or gouges to the piano, both inside and out. Your insurance should also cover any injury to employees while handling your piano during transportation. Finally, ask if there are additional charges such as packing and unpacking fees when you make your final decision. Find out what these extra costs will be before you commit.

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What equipment do they use? As with any other moving project, you will want to find out how your piano moving professional will be using their equipment. For upright piano moving, professionals will generally use cranes, dollies, and specialized furniture pieces for large or heavy pieces. Upright piano moving companies should also have specialized rollers, which will make the move easier, safer, and more time efficient. Specialized dollies can also be used to transfer the piano from one floor to another, without any damage to it.

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How long will it take to move the piano? When comparing piano moving prices, ask how long the entire move will take. Make sure you know how many hours, if any, the company will be working. If you have family in the area, ask how many people the company has moved piano before, and if they have a written estimate of the move’s cost.

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What kind of obstacles are there along the route of how far to go? You need to know how much does it cost to move a piano across the country by using various methods of transport. Some methods of travel can be long and difficult due to terrain, doorways, etc. Ask the movers about the possible obstacles and costs involved in moving between states or other long distance destinations.

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Will the pianos be transported on a trailer or on a truck? trailers are less expensive than trucks, but both are quite common. The choice depends on how long the journey to your destination will take and if your piano’s are small or large. Some large pianos cannot be fit on a standard size truck or trailer. Smaller ones usually fit easily on standard doorways.

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How will the moving companies load the piano(s)? How do you know that the moving parts will fit into the truck without problems? Ask what the moving companies use to pack and unpack the pianos. Some companies use giant moving boxes, others use very small boxes that are hand-rolled to ensure proper fitment. Most movers will have a professional tape measure and U-bend spinner to make sure the piano doors and windows will not damage the moving instruments.

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Once you have decided to move your piano, ask the movers for advice about packing, weight, and how to protect the moving tools during the move. Decide whether you wish to hire professional service providers, or if you want to tackle the move yourself using just the following three types of equipment: a dolly, locking the car door, and dolly grips. Then decide how much experience you have and how long you are willing to spend moving the piano. If you do it yourself, know that there are pros and cons to each method, which will be explained more fully below.