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If you’re like me, moving a piano is kind of stressful. I recently had to move a piano across the country (obviously). The local piano movers were great, but there were a few things that I wish I had known before. Here’s how to move a piano long distance.

It is possible for people to move pianos by using special “lift and roll” devices. These instruments are typically not as heavy as upright ones, so the move can often be less stressful for the piano movers. However, a good pair of high quality legs (and a lot more strength) is definitely required to safely lift a piano over uneven stairs. I would highly recommend renting a set of stairs if you plan on moving your piano this way.

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Another common method of piano moving is to use dollies. You might be familiar with these as wheeled piano rolling systems. These are a very popular choice and are available at most moving supply stores. I would highly recommend them, because they’re a lot safer than hoists, and (most) dolly machines will not damage your instrument in any way.

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I recommend renting a set of upright piano skid boards to help with how to move a piano long distance. Upright skid boards provide a very strong undercarriage to move a heavy upright. They also have undercarriage sections that will help stabilize the piece. This system works perfectly for standard sized upright pianos. I would suggest going to a moving supply store with an upright, and getting a few extra skid boards. You can then call around and rent a set of diy skid boards from a moving supply company for an even cheaper price.

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One of the best piano moving methods available for rental is temporary piano straps. There are a lot of professional movers that rent temporary straps for just this reason. You don’t need to purchase a piano strap set if you don’t want to. The professional movers will be able to provide you with the proper straps for your piano, whether it’s a permanent or portable model. The permanent straps usually have heavier materials, so you’ll need more than one set if you’re planning on moving the piano more than a few feet.

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Make sure that you’re familiar with all of the moving parts of your instrument before renting a piano moving system. I would suggest calling the manufacturer first to be sure that there are no restrictions involved with the rental. There’s nothing worse than having your piano malfunction while you’re in the middle of a move! If you’re renting a professional mover, make sure that the professional movers have a good reputation and are experienced at moving every piano moving system possible.

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One way to find a professional piano moving company is to ask friends and family who have moved recently. They can provide you with a great resource to use to find a local and experienced piano mover. If you do not have any family or friends who have recently moved, then you can also use the internet as a great resource for finding a piano movers.

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A local piano mover will have the ability to move your piano regardless of where they are. If you have large instruments like grand pianos, they have the equipment and expertise to move them across the country. If you only have smaller pianos to move, it is still possible for the professional piano movers to come and move them. All it takes is a little time to research moving companies in your area and call them for quotes. It will be well worth it in the end to have your piano moved professionally and in a timely fashion.