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Stanton Couch Moving

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, there’s no doubt that your couch is going to need some help getting around. That’s why it’s important to hire a qualified moving company, which is one way of assuring yourself that your belongings will be handled safely and appropriately. In addition, you won’t need to spend hours trying to find a moving company that offers both local movers and international movers – by using the internet, you can get recommendations in a matter of minutes and make sure you don’t end up with a company lacking in one or more of the following essential tools.

First, remember that a couch moving quote does NOT include the actual cost of moving the couch to your new residence. Ask the moving company for a quote only for flat-rate fees, which will include the packing and moving materials, transportation costs, and the actual couch’s weight. So, assuming that your sofa is simply 3 feet wide and ten feet long, and that you will be transporting it across town by an automobile (assuming it has a covered floor), the flat-rate fee should be roughly equivalent to two to three hours of driving time. The total cost of moving the couch, which may also include your own fuel expense, should be no more than one-fifth to one-third the price of the original sofa.

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Second, don’t assume that all movers are created equal. Only those who have been professionally trained and supervised can move your couch safely, securely, and accurately. Ask a moving company how many years of experience the movers have, and what kind of reputation they have for being on time and accurate. If at all possible, hire a local moving company – at least for the initial move, since international movers often charge extra for international moves.

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Third, ask how much the couch moving services will cover. Some companies offer “free” services, but these are couches that have minor cosmetic damages (e.g., creases, dents, cigarette burns, stains, etc.). Most movers will clean these without charging. Also, ask if there is a warranty for your belongings; if there is not, ask whether you can purchase a replacement couch within a specified time period.

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Fourth, request that all couches be removed from high traffic rooms or hallways, and moved to a quiet place, such as a garage or a storage unit. Many movers will not move a couch if it is in an elevator or near a staircase because doing so could cause the couch to tip or break. Ask if the moving company will disassemble and reassemble your couch before moving it to its final location. Some couches can’t be dismantled without damaging the wood, while others are difficult to put back together without creating additional problems. Lastly, be sure to ask what methods are used to ensure the safety of your items during and after the move.

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Fifth, inquire about any specialized moving equipment that may be used. If there will be heavy lifting or scraping involved, you want to be sure the professional movers use the appropriate equipment. A lot of potential hazards can come from loose objects rolling down the stairs or couches being tipped over backward. Check to see if the moving equipment that will be used is specifically designed for large couches, particularly if you will have people staying overnight.

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Sixth, ask if special equipment will be required to get your couch into the new house. Special equipment is used when the couch is to be connected directly to the bottom of the doorway, with no distance between the door and the top of the couch. This allows the movers to lift and maneuver the couch into place, without disturbing people on the other side of the door.

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Seventh, know how to move a couch through an exit path. Most homes have an exit route where a sofa can be moved out of the room to the main hallway. Some even have a stairway with a door to move a couch up or down. If so, inquire about the type of material the sofa is made from. The most popular options for moving a couch through an exit path are foam slabs or sheets, canvas, and heavy duty plastic.