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Stanton Mattress Moving

Moving a Mattress is one of the most anticipated action in the moving process. Usually, the second most cumbersome object to be moved is mattress, hence, the bed has to be dismantled, cleaned, and put gently into a moving truck. But moving your mattress to your brand new house does not have to be tedious and stressful. Nowadays, people choose the moving companies because they provide expert services in relocating mattresses. Here, you can find some useful tips and information to help you move a mattress easily and quickly.

Before you start the moving process, check the area where you want to relocate the mattress. There are different types of mattresses that are available in the market that you can relocate to your desired location. It can be a queen sized bed, king-sized or Texas king size. As soon as you have determined the dimension of the mattress, let the movers know it so they can prepare their equipment for the moving process. The amount of mattress that can be relocated to your desired location depends on the weight and the structure of the mattress.

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As soon as you have decided the type of moving method to use, it is now time to choose the service providers. The moving companies are the ones who will do all the transporting and disassembling of the bed. For your convenience, it is better if you choose the one who offers the same day service so you don’t have to waste any time in transporting the mattress. Most of the professional moving companies offer free estimates for their customers based on the distance that is required to transport mattresses from one location to another.

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Before the mattress moving professionals begin their work, they first evaluate the weight of the mattress that has to be moved. Then, they secure the mattress to a frame made from strong material such as cement or metal. These frames will help them move the mattress in a safe and controlled manner.

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Once the frame is ready, the movers will then lift the mattress and place it on a cart that is fitted with strong lifting straps. This cart will be used in transporting the mattress from one location to another. The mattress will be placed on the upper portion of the cart while the support straps are placed below.

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For large mattresses, they will not move them alone since larger mattresses need more support when being transported. Professional moving companies have special trucks and they also have specially designed vehicles with beds that are specially designed for transporting large mattresses. A special forklift is also used for lifting the mattress. With the help of this special equipment, the mattress will be placed in the truck and taken to the new location.

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Before hiring a mattress moving company, it is essential to see if they offer a service of packing the folded mattress. In some cases, you may not find a company that offers this service because it can be very difficult to pack a mattress that has been folded once. However, if you do find one, the company should provide a quote on how much it will take to transport the mattress and the delivery charges. You should also inquire about how old the folded mattress is and how big the truck is that is transporting it. This information will give you an idea of how much time you need to prepare the truck for moving the mattress.

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The last point to consider is whether or not the mattress moving companies use plastic or aluminum tape in moving the mattress. Mattresses that are packed using plastic tape may deteriorate more quickly than those that are packed using metal tapes. For moving a metal-taped mattress, some companies use special equipment called rollers that are driven by a hydraulic arm. However, for plastic-taped mattresses, you may have to purchase plastic tape in order to use the truck properly.