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Stanton Pool Table Moving

Moving a pool table can be very exciting or extremely frustrating at the same time. It can also be a lot of fun. A pool table is not something you want to let go of easily. If you have a pool table that is too large for you, then you might find yourself having to buy a new one. Or perhaps, if you have broken it, then you are left with very little choice. No matter what your situation might be, here are some tips that should help you on your way to moving your pool table safely.

There are many different companies that will help you with your pool table moving. One of the most important things to consider when packing your table is the safety of your self as well as the safety of your family. In order to ensure that no harm comes to you while moving it, make sure that the company you are hiring is properly insured. Also make sure that you are properly prepared to pack your table before the big day arrives.

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The average cost of moving a pool table can easily exceed thousands of dollars, but there are ways to keep the cost down. One of those ways is by using a disassemble and assemble moving company. You can get a quote from these companies pretty easily online, and then you should go over those quotes to see exactly what type of service you should expect. Most companies will supply all the equipment you need, and many will also provide you with the parts needed to put the table together once it is all moved into your new home.

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Once you select a disassemble and assemble moving company to take care of your table movers, you will want to make sure they use very high quality products. You don’t want to have to spend time or money on products that break down in the move. One of the best ways to make sure your items are strong enough to withstand the moving company’s load is to ask for a sample. If the movers are unwilling to give you a sample, or if you aren’t offered one, don’t do business with them. After all, in the end you will still be paying for their service.

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Before the disassemble and assemble portion of the moving process, however, you should receive some written estimates. These estimates should include how much weight and volume the disassemble and assemble pool table will handle. If there is any additional weight or volume that needs to be transported, the billiard table movers should add that to the price of the total move. The written estimates are also important because many companies will try to charge you more than the estimated weight and size of the moving truck and equipment. You can avoid this situation by asking for a rough estimate.

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Once the disassemble and assemble phase of the move has begun, it is important to remove any valuables from the sides of the table. The valuables that need taken out should be put in protective bags or boxes. This includes the billiard balls and pool cues. The billiard balls should be removed from the side pockets (if there are any) and placed in the appropriate boxes. Be sure to remove all loose pieces of string from the valuables so they can be returned once everything is disassembled.

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After the table has been disassembled and any valuables removed, the movers should remove all parts from the table and put them in protective bags. Then the billiard balls and cue shafts should be disassembled and separated according to the type of ball. The power drill slates should be disassembled and set into their respective sockets. All of the socket wrench parts should be disassembled and put into their corresponding boxes as well. Once all of the parts have been disassembled, the table should be disassembled and the moving professionals should secure it in a secure location.

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When everything has been completed, the movers should take some time to make sure the new installation is smooth. They should then return to the removal and assembly portion of the process. They will remove any accessories from the pool table, such as slate, cover, pool cue shafts, and cue stick spools. Then they should reassemble them and reinstall them into their new homes. They should allow plenty of time for the new installation to dry.