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Tarzan Piano Movers

Piano moving can be a pain. However, it is very important to move a piano if there is an accident and you must move it far distances. This is especially true for upright and cylinder pianos. Long distance piano moving is one of the most time-consuming and expensive ways to move a piano. Many people hire local movers to do this for them, but here are some things that you should consider before you choose local movers.

How Expensive Is The Service? Local piano moving companies will often quote you the cost of the moving truck and the local surcharge or insurance cost, but you need to ask how much they are charging for their moving services. Local movers are likely to charge more than national movers simply because they have access to your home, whereas international movers will not even give you a price until your piano is shipped overseas. You may also see charges for packing, unpacking, and special moving boxes that must be used in moving the piano abroad.

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What’s the Flat Rate? Long distance moving pianos are usually all sold on a flat rate. This means that each piano is broken down into several parts and is then moved separately. Most moving companies use a flat rate that has been negotiated between the piano’s original owner and the piano moving companies to come up with a reasonable estimate for moving the piano. This is the best way to get a fair estimate, but you still need to ask what the flat rate is for each part of the piano to be broken down.

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Does the Piano Include Restocking? If a piano is going to be shipped using a common carrier, some moving companies include restocking as part of their service. Other moving companies simply charge a fee for any unneeded materials that they have to pay for themselves. Make sure you know what kind of services you’re paying for when it comes to moving your piano safely.

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Are the Tools I Needed for Safely Moving My Piano transported? Some moving companies only provide basic tools for moving a piano, such as cranes and dollies. Others provide specialized moving equipment required for moving pianos. If you want to make sure that your piano is safely moved to its new home, you will need special tools that movers simply do not have.

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Is There Special Equipment Required For Upright and Pergola Pianos? Although you probably cannot find special heavy-duty moving equipment required for moving upright pianos or for antique upright pianos, there are specialized cranes and dollies that are used for moving most kinds of pianos (with the exception of concert pianos). Cylinder trucks and dollies with extended base are especially useful for transporting upright pianos; you can even rent the equipment and pay a flat rate to have it delivered.

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Will All the Items Need to Be Handled by One Person? A common misconception about moving pianos is that you can move them by yourself without the assistance of another person. This is simply not true. The piano may need a certain amount of space to be moved properly; in addition, the person handling the piano might not have enough strength or experience to move the piano on their own. In addition, pianos are extremely heavy and the moving process is often very hard on them.

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How Can I Make My Upholstered Piano Move Long-Distance? An upright piano is more difficult to move than is a grand piano. Upright pianos are usually very heavy and it may be difficult to make the piano move long-distance without some extra help. If you are moving long-distance, consider hiring moving companies that specialize in moving upright pianos.