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Terminal Mattress Moving

Mattress moving has never been easier thanks to the help of modern technology. Whether you are moving your mattress across the city or the country, or even if you just moved into a new house, there are several steps involved in the process of moving your mattress. In fact, mattress moving may be among the most tiresome and tiring household tasks. But you don’t have to go through it alone. There are several services in the market today that can help you with your move.

A mattress bag is perhaps one that stands true to its title. It’s a large heavy bag which is intended to be placed on top of your old mattress to move it. Mattress bags come with several accessories which make the process easy and convenient for the majority of people. For instance, you can opt to purchase special wheels for carrying the bag. If so, then that’s great. Just be sure not to overload the bag or the wheels will become useless.

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Aside from the wheels, specialized wheels are also available for carrying other important accessories like the mattress itself, the mattress cover, and even the packing material. Usually, the mattress moving companies use either a forklift truck or an off-road vehicle to help with the transportation of your belongings. There’s nothing really different between these two modes of transportation. When looking for a moving company though, be sure to look at their reputations as well as their services. By doing so, you can easily avoid mattress scams or being ripped off by a shady moving company.

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One of the first considerations in moving a mattress is to secure the straps around the mattress. You may need to buy a new mattress to avoid this issue. Some of the mattresses today already have straps which you can easily take advantage of. But if your old mattress doesn’t have any straps or it’s been a while since your last sleep on it, then here are some things you can do.

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You can use duct tape to seal the corners of the mattress and secure the straps. This method is safe and effective but you will need enough tape to completely cover the entire mattress. Another thing you can do to move a mattress is to use hydraulic presses. This is ideal for older mattresses as well as overweight individuals. These pumps will allow the movers to easily move the mattress from one location to another without damaging it.

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If you’re renting a moving van, you need to pack up your mattress and all of the moving supplies that you’ll be needing. Mattresses don’t typically come with cushions so you may have to purchase them separately. A dollop of foam or other cushioning is also essential. For an experienced mover, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem because they usually have several people that are able to assist in moving the mattress and other supplies.

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Once everything has been packed and the mattress is prepared to be moved, the movers will need to wrap the mattress using a mattress wrapping system. This type of wrapping will help protect the mattress during transport as well as contain any leaking that might occur. The entire mattress will need to be wrapped tightly so that nothing is able to leak. This type of wrapping is typically used when the mattress will be transported by air and the trucks transporting it won’t be involved in any kind of accidents.

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The most common type of mattress covering that is used is an actual mattress topper. There are also foam pads that the movers can use to protect the mattress as well. Some people who have had to move their mattresses in this manner have had to use memory foam mattresses because they were too uncomfortable to lie on. However, all mattresses should be protected during transportation. By utilizing these methods, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of damage or incurring a leak that could potentially damage the mattresses. You should also take some time to check with the company that you rent your truck from to see if they offer any protection for mattresses.