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What is Full-Service Furniture Delivery? Full-service furniture delivery simply means a pickup is scheduled to come to your home, all the furniture is loaded/unpacked/assembled by staff, and then put in your newly-designed room where you wish it to be. This is typically the highest-level of experience when it comes to furniture delivery choices.

Furniture shipping is an option that consumers should consider if they are moving to a new home. Some people may simply hire furniture delivery and pack their own household items into a larger package. However, for those who are packing and shipping their entire household, hiring furniture delivery offers a number of advantages over simply packing items into a suitcase. These advantages include;

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Furniture delivery for July and August offers a variety of new items. Many companies are featuring new products and styles as they prepare for the holiday season. For consumers, this includes new bedroom furniture, desks, televisions, furniture for the kitchen, and other appliances. These are just some of the items available for home delivery in July and August:

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One common complaint from consumers about furniture delivery is that it does not come with free shipping. Most companies do offer free shipping, however; many do not extend this benefit to individuals. If you do have items shipping directly to your home from the manufacturer, you will need to pay for the full price of the item. For companies who ship furniture pieces to consumers via freight, this shipping cost will be waived. For customers who have to pay for shipping on their purchases, here are some tips:

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Ask the furniture shipping company what shipping fees apply to your shipment. Some companies charge an additional fee for expedited shipping. Also, check out the rates for common shipping options. Small, flat-rate envelopes, for example, cost more than large, bulky envelopes. A larger package may cost less to ship when it is delivered via common carrier.

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Sometimes, a furniture retailer offers its customers the option to send furniture to their premises for repair or restoration. If you choose this option, make sure that your furniture will arrive at a satisfactory destination. If you know that a particular piece will require some type of repairs, ask the furniture delivery company if they have a list of trusted repair professionals. If the retailer does not offer this service, find another retailer who can do so.

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One common question from furniture delivery clients is whether or not they should use their own movers or hire movers provided by the manufacturer and seller. The choice usually depends on how long it takes to move the furniture to your new location and how many people are moving. Many movers specialize in small, out-of-town moves and understand the time difference between your move and the seller’s. They also have the expertise to prep the house so it is ready to be loaded. Hired movers may also help if you have special needs, such as a pet or another relative who needs special care when being moved.

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Furniture delivery is made quickly and efficiently. Ask the furniture dealer or your local movers about ways to speed up the delivery process. Some companies offer door-to-door deliveries; others will deliver the furniture packed and tied with plastic bubble wrap. It is important that all furniture is packaged safely and securely so that it arrives in good condition. Ask the dealer or full-service delivery company for options for fast delivery.