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Thorntonville Mattress Moving

Moving the Mattress – Moving a Mattress is not an easy task. But it can be done by licensed moving professionals in a matter of hours, depending on the amount of mattresses to be moved. A good moving company will use state-of-the-art technology to pack and load mattresses while using the safest and sanitary methods. This ensures that your mattress and box spring are transported safely and completely to your new home. In addition, these professionals will be insured against any damage or loss due to nature or accident.

It is advisable to have your mattresses packed and covered with plastic bags as they may be subjected to heavy and harsh weather conditions during transit. Moving a mattress from one room to another can be a tiring job and can take even more time if you have hired a professional mattress moving company. Some people even pack their mattresses separately. This approach, however, should be avoided as it can result in damage to your new mattress and box spring.

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You have to make arrangement for the mattress moving professionals and make them well aware of your requirements. You need to make sure that the process is done safely, smoothly and efficiently. Mattress moving companies charge differently for various services. For instance, you can get a quote for just packing the mattress and the box springs, or for moving the entire mattress and bedding. You have to discuss these costs with the movers before the move. It is better to get an estimate of the entire process before hand rather than hiring the movers after the entire job has been done.

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The most common thing that you will be required to move is your old mattress. Many people are uncomfortable removing an old mattress from its original box spring without having to disassemble the whole mattress. Therefore, they hire mattress moving companies who will disassemble your old mattress into its component parts and then reassemble them. They use special mattress pouches to carry your mattress along. The removal part of the mattress is fastened to the mattress straps using Velcro straps.

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Mattress moving companies charge different amounts for different services. Before hiring any of the mattress movers, you need to check their rates. There are companies that charge a minimum fee of $20 while there are some that can be hired at even lower rates.

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When hiring the movers, you also need to provide them with special moving supplies such as mattress softeners, packing material and mattress straps and ratchet straps. These special supplies should be provided by the moving suppliers only. Before leaving for the journey, you must ensure that these special items are with your mattresses. The moving supplies that you will be provided when you hire professional movers are quite different from the supplies that are used at home.

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While transporting a mattress, it is very important to ensure that your mattress is adequately covered. The entire mattress should be wrapped in a plastic sheet so that it does not get wet during the trip. It is recommended that you carry a folded mattress in a hand bag so that it does not get wrinkled. The folded mattress can also be placed in the backseat of the pickup truck during the move.

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Before transporting your mattress, it is very important to ensure that all the foam or rubber sheets on the surface of the mattress are intact. It is very important that the plastic covering on the mattress is removed during the move. The foam sheets must be removed safely from between the bed and the floor so that the mattress does not get wet during the move. Once all the foam and rubber sheets have been removed from the mattress, it must be put inside the new moving truck that has been hired for moving the mattress.