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What is full-service furniture delivery? It means that a moving company schedules a vehicle to come to your home, your furniture is loaded/unloaded/assembled in the room where you wish it to be and then put it where you would like it. This is usually the highest-quality experience when it comes to furniture delivery services. There are many options when considering full-service moving. Find out how to get the best deals with these furniture movers:

Furniture delivery for July 2021 is already underway! Furniture movers are gearing up for the summer to make sure that their clients have no problem with this busy period of the year. Full-service July releases include everything from furniture packing for July 4th to relocating on the Fourth of July. These companies offer their services all throughout the duration of the month of July. Check out their full schedule for the dates of these services:

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Free Shipping: One of the common complaints of furniture owners is that they have to pay for the full cost of shipping when their furniture arrives. This often leads people to simply outsource their furniture-packing needs to a moving company who offers free shipping. There are a lot of moving companies who make this offer, but one common alternative is free shipping. Make sure to check whether there’s free shipping available before choosing this option.

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Free Upkeep: A good moving company offers maintenance services, just like you’d find in any other moving situation. Whether you move your entire home or just part of it, furniture shipping companies can assist you in keeping the property clean, repaired, and ready for new life. Some services include general yard cleaning, door to door storage and more. Check to see if your chosen furniture delivery company offers anything similar. You’ll be Three Corner Windmilld at how easy it can be to maintain your new home while receiving free upkeep.

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Pandemic Insurance: One of the worst things that could happen to your new house is a pandemic. Although an outbreak may not directly kill anyone, it can spread quickly and drastically affect the surrounding communities. Furniture delivery companies provide pandemic insurance to prevent the passing of a deadly disease through your furniture.

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Cleaning Services: It’s impossible to keep your furniture from getting dirty on your own. It takes special products and expensive tools to properly clean hardwood, metal and other such surfaces. This will also extend to furniture delivery and free up your time to do the jobs you love. Make sure your chosen furniture shipping company provides regular cleaning services, so you can enjoy comfortable living in your new home without worrying about dust buildup.

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Warehouse Cleaning Services: If you need to send off furniture for professional cleaning or repair, look for furniture delivery options that offer deep storage options, as well. Many furniture manufacturers and furniture dealers ship their goods in large container trucks. These allow for extremely quick delivery of all kinds of furniture and are great for businesses that need to clean and repair their equipment in a pinch. Warehouse cleaning options should include drying and sanitizing solutions, along with the regular cleaning chemicals used in quality manufacturing.

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These are all factors that should be considered when you’re planning ahead of time. Knowing what furniture delivery delays are common in your area, along with what options you have to combat them, will help you make an informed decision when your furniture arrives. Don’t wait for furniture retailers delays to happen. Get on the ball and plan ahead.