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Long distance moving and storage services are provided by companies that are experts at moving and storage. Unlike other moving companies, moving and storage companies are able to move you within a week, in a month, or when you’re ready you’re in control of your own schedule. You simply just have to load your portable container to your truck, drive it to the location where you’re moving to, and then unload and pickup your belongings one time, regardless of how many times you transport your stuff from here to there. The following are tips to help you pack for long distance moving and storage:

Pack lightly. Your moving company may provide a chart detailing all of your moving and storage costs, but it is still extremely important to pack your belongings carefully. Do not pack more material than you can safely carry. If you must, purchase a few extra packing materials such as plastic storage containers, cardboard boxes, or bubble wrap so that you will be prepared in the event that an unforeseen circumstance does arise and you need to relocate your belongings immediately. Keep all of your important documents in your personal folder or safe, so that you can easily retrieve them once you are inside your new home.

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Do not load up your vehicle with packing materials such as furniture or appliances. Your long distance moving and storage movers will not be able to assist you with moving these types of items. Furniture and appliances are best packed in a garage or on wheels. Always unpack your belongings thoroughly before lifting them into your moving truck. This way you can be sure that they are completely protected.

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If you will be storing your belongings in local move-in containers, do not overload them. These storage facilities are not equipped to hold very heavy loads. In order to avoid a catastrophe, only bring the necessary supplies and only fill up the container as much as you need. A local storage facility will not be responsible for your personal belongings after your move-in date arrives. Be sure to ask what the moving and storage fees are for storing items in these temporary storage facilities.

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You may also choose to rent a portable container for your move and storage needs. Portable containers are convenient and economical, however, they come with a couple of disadvantages. Portable container renters are not insured, so any damages incurred by your belongings during transit are your responsibility. Also, since portable containers are not fully equipped with locking mechanisms, theft is a very real possibility. Because they are used for short-term moves, you might need to hire a locksmith to unlock your portable container if you want to retrieve your belongings following a transfer.

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Long distance movers and storage companies can offer you both portable containers and full service moving trucks. If you prefer convenience over security, let us help you pack your belongings and transport them to your new home. Let us prepare all the details so that you can begin enjoying the benefits immediately.

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One of the fastest, most effective ways to get rid of your stuff while waiting for moving day is to store them in pods. Pods are portable containers stacked on top of one another. Each pod holds up to sixty pounds, making them perfect for short moves and long distance deliveries. The pods are made from corrugated cardboard and designed to withstand the effects of weather. Ranging in size from six inches to twelve inches in width, pods can easily be stacked on top of one another and only need two people to set up.

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Moving and storage companies can help you pack your belongings in just one day. They provide you with professional moving and storage container packing to make sure that your items are delivered safely. They can do everything from packing, loading and unpacking your belongings to arranging transportation, insurance, and even temporary storage for your belongings until your next home. Packing and loading are done quickly and securely so you can start enjoying your new home a few days later. Contact us for a free quote today!