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Upland Furniture Delivery

A furniture delivery service might be in your best interests, especially if you live either in a small apartment or need assistance moving and putting together your new purchase. Here are a few other important considerations to think about before buying: Size and dimensions You will want to take precise measurements of the space in which you plan to place the furniture before shopping for pieces. The dimensions you get from an online furniture supplier are often outdated, so you might want to consult with an experienced furniture mover about how to move furniture around and arrange it in its final location. Moving and arranging furniture can be tricky work, so furniture movers will know exactly how to get each piece into the right spot. Make sure the supplier has a toll-free telephone number where you can call for advice or questions.

Is a moving company insured? Insurance is one of the most obvious reasons to use a furniture moving service. Any damage to your furniture during transport, even if it’s minor, should be covered by insurance. However, ask the movers you’re considering whether they have any specialized insurance cover for moving trucks, and what sort of coverage they have in terms of items that aren’t in their ‘regular’ inventory.

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Who are the professionals who’ll be moving your items? Some moving companies have a team of professional furniture movers, while others have a smaller and more personalised service. If you want a truly personalized service, consider hiring a relocation service who will be able to take care of all aspects of your move.

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Do you want to use packing tape to pack up your furniture? A common problem experienced by homeowners who use furniture delivery is that packing tape tends to leave tiny air holes in the furniture. This means that whatever’s in the furniture – stuffed animals, pillows, shoes, books, etc – can easily escape. A good packing tape ensures that all the airtight parts of the furniture are sealed, so that all your valuable belongings stay put and are safe from potential damage. However, be careful about using packing tape: some tape manufacturers don’t recommend their products for use with furniture.

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How do you find out about the reputation of the local moving service you’re thinking about using? The easiest way to do this is to find out whether anyone has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or other similar consumer protection groups. Also, do your homework and find out as much as you can about the movers you’re considering. For instance, how long have they been in business, and how satisfied are their customers?

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What can you expect when shipping furniture? Furniture shipping can be very safe, but it’s not something you can completely avoid. Even when your items are packed carefully, they may still end up getting damaged during transportation. For this reason, you should know what you should do if any pieces of furniture break during the shipment. In many cases, the movers will be able to provide you with new pieces of furniture that aren’t broken. If you opt to purchase those pieces instead, make sure they meet the requirements set by the furniture manufacturer.

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Can you trust the truck driver? It’s important to ask the truck driver what kind of driving experience he has. The longer the driver has been driving, the more likely he is to experience problems with different types of furniture delivery services. For this reason, you should consider asking the driver for references, so you can double-check that he has a positive reputation.

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Is packing tape good enough? When it comes to packing fragile items, sometimes tape just isn’t enough. Rather than using tape, consider using bubble wrap or foam peanuts, which can greatly reduce the chances of breakage. In addition, foam peanuts are especially useful if you’re relocating a lot of items at once, since they can break down into a manageable size in times of shipping stress.