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Upland Mattress Moving

Moving a Mattress is one of the many home improvement tasks that most people dread. Usually, the second most cumbersome item to move is a large bed, then the bed has to be dismantled, then wrapped, and put carefully in a large moving truck. But moving from a bed to your new house need not be time-draining and stressful. There are many movers that offer bed moving services and you can find them by doing an Internet search. Often, moving a mattress involves only a few steps, making it easier on the new homeowner and the movers as well.

The first step in moving a mattress is removing the old bed. Many people have to turn down their beds when moving their residence because the bed will be too heavy to be moved alone. Therefore, if you are moving a mattress you may want to contact a moving company beforehand, particularly if your home is already being transported. Moving companies have special trucks with higher clearance for transporting mattresses.

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Once your mattress is free of any weights or other foreign objects that may cause it to tip or to shift while being transported, your movers will disassemble it for transport. This includes stripping off the cushions, bedding, pillowcases, box springs, and any underbed belongings. When everything is disassembled, the truck will be cleaned of any debris before proceeding to transport. All fragile items must be packed separately.

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Most of the mattresses are encased in plastic during transportation. Movers will disconnect the plumbing and electric lines to the house to make sure that the mattress will not get damaged during the move. Also, some moving companies will cut out the old stuffing from the mattresses and replace it with new stuffing. They will then tape the new stuffing to the sides and corners of the mattress. The entire mattress will be covered with plastic during transportation. The mattress will not be removed from the truck until the packing is complete and the new mattress is ready to be unpacked at the new home.

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Mattress straps are utilized during the move. These straps secure the mattress to the floor and keep it from moving during the move. The straps should be secured tightly but should allow for movement in order for the mattress to be lifted onto the truck. It is important to remember that the old mattress will need support throughout the move. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the mattress is completely covered with mattress straps during transportation.

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When the movers arrive at the new destination, all three mattresses will need to be unpacked. Mattress bags are provided by the moving company for this purpose. A plastic mattress cover will be provided as well to protect the old mattresses. Movers will disassemble the mattresses, remove the plastic mattress cover, assemble the mattresses and place them into the mattress bags.

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The truck will be loaded with the mattress before the movers get into the back of the pickup truck. The mattress will then be placed inside the truck and the straps will hold the mattress in place while the truck is being transported. The straps will need to be adjusted properly so that the mattress does not sway back and forth in the truck. If this happens, it could cause damage to the new mattress or cause a problem with the truck.

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Once the three mattresses are inside the truck, they can be placed in the rear of the moving vehicle. All three will need to be secured with additional straps and plastic mattress covers. Once the three have been securely placed, they will be driven out of the driveway and into the new house. Mattress moving services can take a little longer, but the process is much less time consuming and will ensure that the moving trucks are able to move the beds of the mattresses without any issues.