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Upland Piano Movers

Although you can move a piano yourself, highly recommend using professional piano movers. For something as valuable and complex as this, it’s best to leave it in the hands of the pros. It’s easy to locate a local moving company that provides piano moving service at affordable prices, and most can even include piano moving as part of a larger family move. It’s also a good idea to research local movers before you make a decision to move a piano; here are some things to think about:

Do your homework: Before you even begin to plan how to move a piano, it’s important to know what your moving costs will be. The last thing you want is Uplands when you least expect them! If you’ve been shopping for a piano mover, ask for a written estimate, as well as a more detailed one showing all the transport and moving costs. This will help you plan your budget and ensure that you don t end up overspending. It’s also a good idea to get a quote from several local movers, as you may find that some companies charge different prices for similar services.

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Choose a musical instrument carefully: When choosing a piano moving rental company, ask about the moving trucks that they will use. Will they use a flatbed trailer or a truck mounted unit? Are they experienced with large pieces like tables and chairs? Be sure you know what you’re moving, as if you don t understand the specifications of the musical instrument, you might encounter unexpected problems.

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Find the right piano dolly: A piano dolly is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to move your upright piano from room to room with ease. Many models have ratchet straps which enable it to be safely folded up inside the truck. Others are simply fitted with straps that allow a stationary position to be held while the dolly is moved. Read the instructions carefully before using the dolly, so that you don t damage it while attempting to move your upright piano. Use caution, as some versions are not strong enough to handle the move, and could damage your instrument, or worse, injure yourself.

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Calculate distance based on square footage: It’s important to know the actual size of your instrument before you begin contacting movers, as they will need to know the dimensions to quote you on the flat rate. Calculate how far your piano will be moved in each room. This will ensure that you don t pay for extra distance that isn’t necessary. Keep in mind that larger pianos can often weigh quite a bit, so keep this in mind as well. On average, pianos should not be moved more than three times their original weight in total.

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Choose a piano mover that uses the highest quality moving straps available. The high quality straps will provide added strength and durability and will better protect the instrument. Make sure the dolly straps will hold up during actual usage. Some models will be equipped with padded handles to prevent slippage and offer a better grip. Check to see if the dolly straps come with an attachment used for clamping down and lifting.

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Move your grand piano at different speeds to determine how difficult it will be to move, as well as how much space will be saved. Moving an upright piano requires faster speeds than cymbals or drums. Cymbals and drums will need slower speeds to reduce striking damage, while upright pianos will be much easier to manage. Consider the weight of each piece to determine how quickly it can be moved. If the movers will be lifting and storing the instrument, select a dolly that has enough weight to move both pieces at once without any problems.

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Once all the equipment and supplies have been collected, it’s time to select movers with the proper equipment and expertise for your needs. It is important to research each moving company prior to any service work being completed to ensure they have proper licensing and insurance coverage for your type of instrument. You may want to call friends and family who have had experience with these types of businesses for further recommendations.