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A piano is a valuable and important addition to any home. Yet moving it can be a stressful experience. How to move a piano and how to get it from place to place safely and securely takes time and patience. Local movers specialize in moving pianos, but the cost of moving one may discourage you from hiring them. You need to know the answers to these important questions: what kind of board will I need, how do they move pianos, and how to pack my piano for moving. Then you can ask yourself, “How much will this move cost?”

The answer to these questions depends on whether your piano is an upright baby grand, or an upright plus a grand. Upright pianos have a center post that fits beneath the seat in front of you, while a baby grand piano has a stand that fits over the front of your seat. These kinds of pianos have a slide that moves up and down and a set of wheels at the bottom of the seat. Upright piano moving companies use skid boards to move these kinds of pianos. They are generally well equipped with the right divots to support your piano during the move, as well as to hold your piano straps in place around the piano.

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So, how do they move a piano? Every piano mover and every piano movers company have a basic technique. But, when it comes to moving upright and baby grand pianos, the techniques change. Here’s how to move a piano:

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If your musical instrument has a shank (not every piano does!) Then you need to remove this first. You needn’t worry about ruining the finish of the instrument. Piano moving companies make shanks out of thick plywood to protect the finish. Simply unscrew the shank, remove it, and set it aside to be moved later.

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Next, the big question: How do they lift a 2-bedroom house? Most piano movers can take a 2-bedroom house, preferably one with a full basement, into the truck with under two hours notice. This is not only for convenience, but to cut down on labor cost. It will save them time, headaches, and moving boxes.

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Once the piano is off the floor, the movers will need to lift the piano on skids. The average piano will lift the skid onto a solid foundation like a skid board. The piano will need to be propped up on skids before the actual move begins. The more expensive, solid skids are made of cedar or pine and will be secured to the floor of your new home. Piano movers that charge you extra for this service should be avoided.

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Once on the floor, the actual piano is set up on the skid base securely. They should be able to lock the board to ensure that pets, children, and/or heavy objects don’t get in to your grand piano. The height of the board varies; most commonly it is between four to six feet off the ground. For a grand piano that is extremely heavy, or one that requires special installation, the height can go up to ten feet off the ground. The higher you can set the piano on the skid base, the less damage it will sustain.

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Piano movers can move almost any upright, can, two-seater, and even a vertical piano successfully. Of course, this comes at a price. Usually the companies that offer this service will also have tie-ups with moving companies that specialize in moving pianos. You may need to call around to find out if this is a possibility before you commit to spending the money on moving your piano. Overall, this service can be very helpful for those who are moving from home to home or just moving their piano from one room to another.