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Valley View Piano Movers

How to move a piano? Well there are two main ways to do it. One way is local and the other way is long distance. Local piano moving charges tend to begin around 50 dollars and can range up to the several hundreds of dollars. A number of local piano movers also specialize in long distance moves.

Long distance piano moving is usually done using either a flatbed truck or a dolly. If your piano is quite a bit older, then you may wish to consider using a dolly for the move. A dolly is a very useful piece of equipment. It’s a flat bed vehicle with an upright base and can be used to transport both the piano and its accessories quite easily. Although it does cost more local moving companies may be able to arrange transportation for you at a reasonable price.

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Other local movers may use specialized equipment for your move. For instance, some movers will rent trucks that have enough space to move your piano and all of the accompanying equipment at one time. Such machines include: the dolly, a crane with platforms at each end, and possibly an electric hoist. In this case, you would want to get a quote from the moving company in order to determine the moving costs.

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If your piano moving needs are more extensive than just a few instruments, then specialized moving equipment is needed. One of the most common equipment needed when moving pianos is a set of padded rollers. These rollers are used to lift the instrument onto the vehicle and secure it there while the movers carry it away. The padded rollers wear out after constant use and must be replaced. This often costs more money than regular padded rollers, but this option is well worth it for the security of the rollers provide.

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Another thing to consider is the moving weight of your grand piano. If you decide to hire professional movers, you can get a rough estimate of the moving weight by asking the professionals to weigh your instrument. The number of hours it will take to move your piano depends on the size and age of the instrument. You should also be aware that many professional piano mover companies offer to transport a grand as a whole instead of breaking it down into pieces. This takes longer but may cost less than moving each piece by hand.

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It is possible that your piano could be very heavy. If this is the case, you will want to consider using cranes to lift and lower the instrument by placing them on top of the stairs or other obstacles. However, be aware that if there are stairs or other obstacles in your house, the crane cannot go through them. So you will need to plan ahead and make sure there are no stairwells or other obstacles in your home when moving your piano.

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Many professional movers offer services depending on how large your piano. You should ask your moving company what they charge per cubic foot so you know what additional costs will apply. Other things to consider are the number of legs the instrument has and how many are attached to the piano. Larger pianos often have more than one leg. If the movers have fewer legs, they will cost less per leg.

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You will also want to decide whether you would like your piano to be moved on its own or whether you would like it delivered to you. Delivery may be free depending on the circumstances. However, if the piano is being moved by itself, there are additional costs. These include the cost of board and crate, the cost of moving truck and trailer, and charges for the delivery driver. Additional costs may apply if you have to hire a piano dolly.