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When moving your piano, there are many factors you should consider first. The main thing to consider is how far you are moving it. How long you need to be away from your piano is another factor. Long distance moving can be expensive. The kind of piano you have can make all the difference in how much you pay. The best advice is to consult a local piano mover so you know all your options and can get prices based on your needs.

Local Piano Moving Cost. Local piano moving usually costs less than long distance piano moving. Local movers are familiar with the local laws and can help avoid fines. Long distance piano moving companies may charge you on a per mile or base rate and this can add up fast. Local movers are also trained to handle all your needs, whether you want your upright piano to be moved by its driver or driven by a crane.

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Upright/Hanging Pianos weighing anywhere from twenty to seventy pounds are good for local movers. However, they cannot be moved by a person. Upright piano moving must be handled by a professional. You can do it yourself but only if you have experience. If you are moving several hundred pounds or more, there is no substitute for a professional piano mover.

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Long Distance Piano Moving Costs. Long distance piano moving can cost anywhere from a thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars depending on the distance and difficulty of the move. Long distance movers quote local prices and do not take additional charges like taxes and transportation costs into consideration. They use local carriers for gas, oil, and insurance. The cost also includes insurance for the belongings being moved. Check with local move companies about their rates and options.

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Freight Rates. Other costs that are often included in a local move include insurance for the items being moved. Rates are based upon distance, weight, type of piano, and an hour’s labor. Most long distance piano moving companies charge by the hour and the flat rate is generally quoted as a general moving estimate. The flat rate usually includes all materials and labor costs.

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How to Compare Local Move Pricing. Saving money on piano moving costs doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. When you hire professional piano movers, you will save money because you won’t have to pay for the services of an extra individual. However, it’s wise to compare the prices of local movers versus professional ones. This will allow you to find the best rates available.

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Why Choose Piano Crating Over Garage Door Removal? – Garage door removal services can get extremely noisy and inconvenient when they’re called in for a residential move. They are also noisy when they’re being used by other individuals, so it’s recommended that crating is preferred over garage door removal. Plus, crating allows for easier move access to your home. That means that you’ll be able to move your piano right out of the way without worrying about how someone will get it into the house.

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Cost Per Hour – Professional movers will quote the price of your move based on the number of stairs involved and the amount of time required to move the piano. If you have an upright piano, there are several different styles of crating that you can choose from. Some flat rate crating plans include the cost of moving the upright as well as the cost of crating it. This includes the cost of the actual upright and the cost of crating it, which will include moving and packing the upright in a vehicle.