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Waldon Place Windmill Mattress Moving

Often, the very last item to go in the washer is the old mattress, so before you start worrying about moving the mattress, you should know how to move a mattress safely. Usually, the heavy bed needs to be dismantled, washed, and put gently into a large moving truck, sometimes with the springs still attached. But moving a mattress into your new house does not have to be stressful and difficult. Here, learn more about how to move a mattress, and valuable tips to help make the job simple and fast.

First, you have to realize that the majority of mattresses are quite heavy and unwieldy. When it comes time to moving a mattress into a moving house, a few important things have to happen. First, remove all pillows and blankets. Then, you need to locate your mattress, which can be done with a mattress pin or special mattress saver. This will ensure that the mattress remains on the floorboard, so that it will be equally safe when it is transported to the new house.

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Even if you have already packed up and dropped off your old mattresses, movers will appreciate it if they can help you move it. So if you have not already hired movers, call around and ask them to come out to your home and take a look at your mattresses. They can be valuable clues to help determine how to move a mattress the safest way possible. Ask for recommendations, and most movers will be glad to show you their tricks. Then, pack everything up: your mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc.

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Mattress moving vans are often equipped with ramps that allow you to easily transfer your bed from the floor of the truck onto the bed of the moving van, or from bed to truck. The ramp makes it simple and convenient, and saves you the trouble of crawling or standing. Before leaving your old home to go to your new home, you must first pack up and load your mattress. Make sure that it is completely emptied before driving to your new home. You might also want to fill up the bed of the moving van with bedding so that the mattress does not have to be unloaded and set aside at the destination.

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If your mattress weighs too much or is damaged, you should seriously consider using a professional to move your mattress. Professional movers are able to manage the job of shifting mattresses safely and efficiently. They know how to move a mattress safely, taking all of the proper safety precautions beforehand.

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Do not pack up your old mattress until you have contacted a professional mattress moving company. It is better to be safe than sorry. It is also important to remember that mattresses can sometimes retain excess moisture and will need to be dried out prior to being moved to your new home. Professional movers will offer dry washing services. This will reduce the amount of damage that your mattress may incur during transport. Your mattress will be protected and remain in good condition as it is transported from one home to the other.

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Professional movers will remove the cushions and pillows from the mattresses prior to moving them. Mattress weights are also unnecessary, as the truck will carry the mattresses with it. By removing these things from your mattresses prior to transport, you will ensure that your mattress is properly supported at all times and that no damage occurs as your mattress is transferred from the truck to the new house.

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Tape is an excellent way to protect your mattress during transport. If you do not want to tape, a plastic milk crate with a mattress in it makes a good substitute. Remove the cushions, pillows and blankets from your mattress prior to packing it. Taping prevents movement and shifting while the mattress is being transported. Remove all of the tape from the top of your mattress before putting it in the plastic milk crate.