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How to move a piano is a common question for many people, especially if they are moving long distances. The most important factor that one needs to consider when moving a piano is the security of the piano. Movable pianos are less likely to be broken into than traditional pianos and this makes them highly valuable items. However, it is also true that if the local laws forbid moving a piano, one will have to pay a considerable amount of money to professional piano movers.

Before hiring a piano moving company there are a few things that one needs to keep in mind. Firstly, the movers will need a proper insurance cover for any damage to the pianos. Moving companies may not be fully covered if they damage your antique or expensive piano during the move. Secondly, the moving company should have proper liability insurance. This will protect the moving company and you, in case any damage occurs while the piano is in their possession. Long distance piano movers do not have adequate insurance cover and they are highly at risk if any accident takes place.

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Most long distance piano moving companies charge a flat rate fee for transport. This fee is normally based on each hour of moving time. However, if the movers need to stop and rest to make changes or repairs they may charge an additional fee. There are some flat rate moving companies that charge extra if the flat rate is exceeded.

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The average cost of moving a piano is about two thousand dollars per hour. This includes all board and light equipment. It does not include props such as pianos and cymbals. So, the total piano moving cost is actually greater than the total moving cost.

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If the distance is longer, the average cost will be less because of the extra work. This is because there are more complex steps involved such as installation and dismantling. For instance, it is usually more difficult to move upright pianos than it is to move grand pianos. The upright piano weighs more than the grand piano, so it is more difficult to carry. Unplugging and plugging cables can be a pain.

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A professional moving company will have trucks with special equipment that is designed to move upright pianos safely and easily. The pianos are lightweight so they are not under any pressure while being moved. Unplugging and plugging the cables is also easy because the piano movers have done it hundreds of times. They can take the precaution to check the electric wires to see that they are not damaged and plugging the walls and floor plates so they do not get pinched.

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Extra moving blankets are needed because the upright piano is harder to pack than the grand piano. This is because the strings of an upright piano are on the sides and are closer to the ground than on a grand piano. Extra blankets or anything that will soften the moving is needed because the movers will need to push them along with the piano.

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Moving a piano can be expensive and time consuming especially if the distance is long. For those with a small budget, hiring professional piano movers is a good idea. They can transport the piano home for a reasonable price. Hiring professionals can help get the job done quickly, efficiently and professionally so that no damage occurs to the instrument and no one needs to be late to get the instrument back to its new home.