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Business relocations are typically spuriously fueled by a desire to improve, expand, update facilities, achieve new clients, reduce costs or cut losses. When you finally decide to move, there’s lots to think about. You’ll probably be doing lots of research prior to moving too. This includes learning about your new office area, understanding the current market, finding a suitable commercial moving company and more. Here we look at some tips for making commercial moves with ease.

Take time to fully brief your employees about the business relocation and what changes will take place. You’ll need to explain to your employees the reason for the move, any chWarfieldges or expenses that may arise and the expected outcome. It’s also important to tell your employees that they have to pack their personal items and leave them at the new location until the move is completed. This way you avoid employees packing their own personal items and unpacking everything when they leave.

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Many business owners find it difficult to determine exactly where their offices should be relocated to during the whole process. One option is to find a professional moving company that can suggest several places in the new location that will fit best with your current and future needs. When looking for a relocation expert, check references, ask for recommendations and check with the Better Business Bureau. For larger companies, hiring a general manger is more feasible, but business owners can save money by hiring a relocation specialist.

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When moving your company or yourself, find out about employee incentives and various relocation packages. It can make a big difference if your employees are able to get cash incentives to help with the move. Some companies offer employee appreciation discounts, free plane tickets, hotel stays and rental cars. Find out if you can get any of these incentives for employees who are willing to relocate.

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Consider the location of your new office when considering the location of the actual relocating company. If your company is not open for business, it makes no sense to pay a relocation company to move you. Instead, consider offering incentives to employees who agree to move their companies to your location. For example, offer them relocation credits, free plane tickets, hotel stays or rental cars as incentives for employees who agree to move their company to your new office space.

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Find out the costs involved in relocating your company. Relocation experts will state flat rate fees, but be sure to include all the extras. This could include gas to and from the new office location, insurance, and anything else that is included in the price quote. The more extras you add, the more it will cost you. Determine what you can afford, and then choose the relocating company that offers the most reasonable estimate for moving your firm’s furniture, supplies, equipment and machinery.

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Business owners should also have a staff in place before they move to finalize the details of their move. Make sure your entire staff knows what is expected of them when it comes to moving company duties. You need to let your employees know in writing that they are responsible for moving company equipment to the new location, unloading supplies at the new location, etc. This sends a clear message to all employees that moving is an individual and detailed task, and that they will be held accountable for their move. It will also make all employees happy to know that the move is a job and that they will not be doing it alone.

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Once you have all of your details worked out, your next step should be to draw up or contract a floor plan showing all of your offices and departments in your new location. This plan should detail which employees will be assigned to specific tasks, and how those employees will be moved to your new location. Be sure to keep your business as clear and detailed as possible. All employees should be aware of where their name is attached to all company mails and phone calls, so they know exactly what is expected of them during this move.