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Usually, the first thing to think about when relocating a mattress is how to move a mattress, transporting a mattress is quite the taxing task. Usually, the old bed has to be broken down, wrapped, and put gently into a moving van before being put into your new house. But moving a mattress into your brand new house does not have to be so stressful and time consuming. Here, read on how to move a mattress by yourself and tips on how to make the entire process fast and simple. Read on carefully for more details.

The first thing you have to do is to get some quotes from local movers before renting trucks or vans to transport your mattresses. There are many companies that specialize on mattress moving services. You can find them through yellow pages, Internet, or referrals.

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The next thing you have to do is to contact your chosen movers, explain the type of mattress you want to move and give them a realistic timeline on how many hours it will take from start to finish. Mattresses are big and heavy items, they will need a lot of manpower and proper tools. Most movers will quote you according to the square footage they will move. Be sure to include all the moving parts in the quote.

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One important aspect on how to move a mattress by yourself is to use the right equipment and materials for the job. Mattresses are heavy and if not carried out properly, they can cause accidents such as collapse, leakage, or damages to other areas. Mattress moving requires certain specialized tools such as mattress wedge, dollies, wooden ties, and mattress pails. Here are the other moving equipment you’ll need when you move a mattress:

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A Mattress Moving Company. You can easily hire moving professionals by searching for them online. There are websites that are specifically made for mattress movers. By browsing through their gallery of pictures, you will get an idea on the type of mattress mover you’re looking for. Ask movers about their experience in this particular field and what they would recommend for your situation. The movers, you will find listed in these sites are certified and licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services Bureau.

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Mattress Pail. When hiring movers, you should also ask about the moving supplies that they will be using. Most of the time, a moving company will provide the basic moving supplies like tape, safety pins, tape measure, hammer, measuring tape, and plastic storage containers. Some companies might also provide more complex moving supplies like plastic folding tables and plastic bins that you can use to transport and place your mattress. It is important that you choose movers who provide appropriate supplies so that you will avoid unnecessary delays during your move.

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Mattress Moving Equipment. This is perhaps one of the most important moving supplies that you will need in moving your mattress. You have to rent or purchase at least two mattress moving equipment, which are the tape gun and the plastic dolly. When choosing the tape gun, you have to make sure that it has the power to securely fasten your mattress to the mattress pad using its suction power.

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Plastic Storage Boxes and Bins. These are usually included in the package you’re relocating professionals will provide you. These boxes and bins are utilized when transporting your mattress. You will find two types of storage boxes the flatbed one and the palletized ones. Flatbed box is more preferable since it is portable and you can easily stack and compress its contents. On the other hand, palletized boxes are durable and widely used because they are more stable and flexible compared to the flatbed ones.