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West Odessa Mattress Moving

Moving a mattress is definitely one of the many things that a moving company can do. Mattresses are large, heavy, they require special equipment to move, and they always flop around and landing them on the floor are a real pain. However, moving a mattress does not need to be an utter nightmare. If you are relocating your mattress for the first time, you will want to wrap the bed in a mattress moving bag so that you can protect it from dust, debris, and anything else that might happen to it while it is in the moving truck. The mattress is also protected in the moving truck by foam pads that have been fitted to it. This helps the mattress not to move or roll as much as if it were on the floor.

Even if you have moved your entire family, there is still no reason that you can’t move a mattress. There is always a bed of some sort in a new house, so you just have to get it out of the way when you move the furniture. The bed will most likely be placed in a closet or under a set of beds that are already in the moving house. It is never fun to be given the task of moving mattresses, but it is one of those things that has to be done.

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You should know a few tips about mattress moving before you even start. First of all, never try to move a mattress on your own. Mattresses are very heavy and even if you have a strong back, you are unable to make the whole mattress move at the same time. Instead, you are supposed to hire professional movers to do it for you. It is important to let the movers know where you want the mattress to go and how much space you need in order to move it. Even though the moving company has all the equipment and know-how, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

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When you are looking for the perfect company to help with mattress moving, ask people you know who have had experiences with movers. Find out whether they used a reputable moving company or not. There are some people who might tell you to stick with the local guys and avoid going through any of the hassle involved with using movers. However, these guys could have used a better mattress bag to keep the mattresses protected from scratches and other possible damage while in transit. Keep in mind that the plastic mattress cover that they carry is very handy for such a purpose.

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Before the movers come, lay the heavy mattress on a table where it will be resting. Make sure that the edges are down because when they begin their work, there is a chance that they might knock them off. It is also best if you have your curtains and valuables close to the bed in case they become tangled with any of the moving parts or with the bedding. You will not want the moving truck to knock any of these things over.

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After the mattress is laid out flat, it is time to move a mattress. The most basic way to move a mattress is to use ratchet straps. These straps will wrap around the mattress and prevent it from moving during the entire move. The plastic cover on the mattress can also act as leverage when applying the straps to move it around.

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Before the moving truck arrives, get your old mattress ready to go. Put the plastic cover on it and bind it at the edges using duct tape. Then, get the moving truck and bring all of your things with you, including the mattress and other items that you will need to move them in.

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When the tape gun is ready, attach the strap to it and pull it down over the mattress. Use the tape gun to seal the edges so no air can get through. Then, attach the other strap and pull it down over the new bedding that is wrapped around the old bed. Now, you are ready to remove the tape and the old wrapping. Put the sheet over the bed and pull it down to secure it.