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In recent years, furniture manufacturing has grown at a rapid pace, with many companies experiencing increased sales and business growth. During this time, however, the furniture industry is facing a significant backlog in its supply chain, leading to an increase in furniture delivery delays. Meanwhile, furniture retailers are also noticing an increasing surge in demand for furniture. Given these trends, it has become more important than ever to hire moving service providers to help move your belongings in a timely fashion.

While these trends are affecting all industries, the furniture delivery industry is specifically affected by two major factors. The first of these factors is a slowdown in the global economy. As consumer spending continues to lag behind the actual growth of the economy, retailers have had to increase prices, which further cuts into profit margins. Meanwhile, the outbreak of the deadly “P pandemic” – a combination of bird flu and swine flu – has resulted in a nearly threefold increase in furniture delivery delays. With demand outpacing supply, furniture manufacturers and importers alike have had to experience a slowing in order to keep their businesses running smoothly.

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The second factor that directly affects furniture delivery delays is the rising number of package-loss incidents. While most shipments will encounter some type of loss during transit, a few do not. While it may seem counterintuitive to plan ahead for every possible loss or delay, it is simply too difficult to identify all the potential setbacks ahead of time. As a result, many retailers choose to simply not plan ahead and accept the unfortunate losses that inevitably happen when shipping goods.

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For these reasons, most furniture manufacturers and importers require that all customers plan their shipments in advance. These requirements are typically called for in both new and used furniture shipment plans. In addition to requiring adequate planning for any eventualities, most require customers to schedule regular white delivery notification services. These services are designed to ensure that your package gets to the destination you intended.

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As more furniture retailers and distributors are experiencing the overwhelming demand of this high-end product category, they are experiencing a growing number of bottlenecks in their supply chain. To keep up with demand, furniture manufacturers and importers are experiencing an increased number of back-order applications. Back-order applications are those situations where the manufacturer or distributor anticipate an increase in incoming orders but can’t fulfill them as they currently project. For example, if a furniture retailer’s order estimate was $100 million in the last month and then a significant number of furniture pieces start arriving in the next few days, there may be a large backlog of furniture delivery that needs to be managed. Using the services of a reliable white transportation services makes it easy to manage your back-order supply chain.

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With more furniture manufacturers and importers are experiencing growing fulfillment needs to meet current customer demand and to meet surging new furniture demand, warehouse capacity restrictions are starting to impact the speed with which furniture is delivered to customers. The result is slower furniture delivery and longer lead times for furniture retailers. If you are experiencing this issue now, contact one of our experienced freight providers to help you expedite your furniture delivery by using pre-owned furniture brokers.

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Using the pre-owned furniture delivery option frees you from the hassles of inventory tracking and shipping. Our experienced brokers use a system that locates the nearest available Joshua Velaovich warehouses with the most efficient delivery system. The Joshua Velaovich warehouses are our preferred destination since they have access to both new and used furniture. Furniture that is delivered to Joshua Velaovich warehouses must undergo a rigorous inspection. Once the inspection is complete, we will discuss the shipment with the client and determine the most effective delivery method.

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For those who order off of the internet, our same-day delivery services offer same-day delivery on selected items. Same-day furniture delivery services offer the convenience of choosing and purchasing in-stock furniture and receiving it the very same day. Most online furniture delivery services provide same-day or next-day delivery to more than 90 percent of the United States.