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Moving a mattress is not something anyone wants to do, especially if they are used to sleeping on it already. Mattresses are heavy, they often flop around, and getting them off the stairs and to the new house are a major pain. But moving a mattress does not need to be a disaster. If you are moving your mattress to another house, you might want to consider covering the bed with a mattress moving cart, which you can usually get at the moving supplies store. This cart has handles so that you can move it easily.

Before you begin to move a mattress, make sure that the sheets, pillowcases and blankets are all packed away safely and securely in a container or storage area that will not damage them. Then, remove any packing tape that might be attached to the mattress. You don’t want anything that will damage the mattress while you are moving it. If the moving company is not using a moving cart, then simply set the mattress in an empty room in your home.

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When you have packed away the packing materials, remove the protective padding from the mattress. This can be done simply by removing the protective liner from the mattress. Then, take all of the smaller pieces and the blankets/sheets and place them securely on a board or other sturdy surface. This will help you keep track of everything when you are carrying mattress moving. Don’t forget to put any pillows or anything else that you might be carrying in the box with you.

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Once you have everything organized, then it is time to start the actual moving process. Make sure to take some time to break down the entire mattress moving process into steps. First, find a good local company to move your bedding and other belongings to your new home. Next, transport everything in a truck or trailer. At this point, you will need to contact any insurance companies you might have for the items that are in your care. For instance, if you have renter’s insurance for the contents of your truck or apartment, you need to contact them before you proceed.

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The next step is to unpack everything carefully. This means that you will need to stack the larger items on top of one another in order to keep them all in their proper place. After the removal of the bedding and other moving supplies from the truck or your current residence, you will need to unpack everything in a closet or other organized space. Again, you will need to contact your insurance companies for any items that were insured in your home and any items that were not.

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Once you have sorted through all of the large items that are going to go with your moving, it is time to unload your load. If your trucks are holding too much weight for the frame, you will want to use a hoist to move the mattress, box springs and blankets. This is especially true if you are moving large mattresses and furnishings. Hauling the mattress to a storage facility or placing it on a pallet will ensure that it is protected from damage while it is being moved. The same goes for boxes and furniture, if they are not being moved on a pallet they will need to be taken to a storage facility.

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When it is time to transport your mattress, it will be necessary to either use a flatbed truck or a dolly to help you move the heavier loads around town. If you are only transporting small loads around town, then you can likely carry mattress moving supplies in a small backpack. Either way, make sure that you provide yourself with plenty of drinking water as you go so that you don’t dehydrate.

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Before you leave your home, remember to pack up your folded mattress in a plastic grocery bag and wrap it up in heavy plastic. Then, take it to your new house and unfold the mattress into the truck or the dolly. Make sure you don’t forget to place the plastic bag that you placed the folded mattress in back over the top. This way, no matter what happens you can easily retrieve the mattress when you need it. Remember, mattress moving companies can help you with this step of transporting your mattress.