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Winkler County Pool Table Moving

Pool Table Services is an established professional moving company in pool management to assist with transporting or moving your pool table to your new location. A billiard table may weight up to 1000 pounds or even more, so it is imperative that you possess the right tools and training for relocating your pool table to your new home. Moving your table by yourself is not recommended. Hiring a moving company is the best way to ensure your safety and that the table will be moved properly. The following are some tips on how to move a pool table by yourself.

The first step is safety. Make sure that none of your family or friends have any kind of flammable liquids or items around the area that may be lit fire from the moving table itself. In addition, it would be wise to rent a power drill and some high-pressure oil to add some extra protection. With all of the potential hazards associated with electricity, including shorts, fires, and electric shock, this should be one of the first safety measures you take.

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Once safety is taken care of, the next step involves making sure that the table is safely loaded onto a moving truck. The professionals at a pool moving services company has all of the necessary equipment to safely load and transport the equipment. Be sure to ask how to load your table onto the truck. In addition, ask for referrals if you feel as though you are not being treated as promptly as others.

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Before the movers leave, you will want to make sure that all of the supplies necessary to properly relocate your table are available. Pool table movers should supply all necessary equipment, including screws, lumber, dollies, tape measure, pencils, tape dispensers, power tools, and more. It is important to ask for a free moving quote as soon as possible. Moving companies should charge a reasonable fee for their services, and it is important to compare the charges of various relocation service providers before you make a final decision.

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Pool table moving companies have estimated average costs for the relocation process. Make sure to get several estimates before you commit to hiring a certain moving company. For example, most companies will estimate their moving costs by either using a flat rate or an hourly rate. Ask what the average cost of moving a pool table is. This can help you plan the move better and decide whether you can afford the estimated average cost of moving a pool table on your own.

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On the day of your moving day, be sure to carefully load the table into your truck. Before any of the supplies are installed, make sure that your table is level, clean, and completely uninstalled. Make sure that all the tape straps are securely fastened. Also, make sure that there is nothing sharp or broken that could accidentally injure someone while unloading or during the actual relocation process.

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The final step is the ball return system. A standard pool table has two balls: one for each pocket. Each ball return system will require a certain number of balls in order to operate properly. Most mover companies include the exact number of balls needed for your table with the package. If your table does not come with the balls, or your mover does not provide the balls you need, then ask for a replacement ball return system. Some mover companies may also be able to install a customized ball return system on your table at no additional cost.

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Pool table relocations are typically very simple and straightforward, especially if all goes well between the movers and the homeowner. There are many companies out there offering moving services. However, it is important to choose only reputable, well-experienced, and reliable companies with excellent reviews. Pool table moving services are among the most popular services available, but they are difficult to move and very time-consuming.